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People are often curious about my guitars, so this is an area where I'm going to showcase some of my instruments.  Warning: Contains pictures and information that may only be suitable for geeks and gear-heads.


These unique guitars are based on a design initially introduced by Steinberger Guitars in the 80’s, and are often generically referred to as “Steinbergers”.  They’re also called “headless” guitars due to the lack of a headstock with traditional tuning gears.

The design calls for special proprietary strings with a ball on both ends, and small thumb-screws on the bridge for tuning (see photo below).  This design helps the guitars stay in tune extremely well, even under the duress of considerable punishment.  As you'd expect, these instruments are extremely light and comfortable to play.  Plus they can sound hot, cool, and a lot of things in between.  I absolutely love using these guitars.

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