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January 12, 2017

I’ve always had the desire to make music with other musicians in a group environment, but finding the right combination of individuals and circumstances can be elusive.   Over the years, I’ve had a number of different band projects…mostly trios that were “spin-offs” of my solo act…lots of blues based rock with a few other various classics that fit my earthy, lower-pitch-range voice.

Most recently, I’d been working on yet another such project with two good friends and great musicians that I had done this with before - Dave Augustine on bass and Jimmy Taylor on drums.   But along the way, I realized that the diversion I was looking for with the band went beyond just playing with a group of guys.   I wanted to be able to venture into a broader palette of music, and I’ve often thought about teaming up with a vocalist that had the higher range and style for doing heavier, high-energy dance rock.   Our bassist Dave mentioned an acquaintance of his, Marc Alen, who seemed to fit the bill and was available.   At our initial rehearsal, we found we had similar interests in direction and style, and things just seemed to click.   With a target gig date looming in the near future, we decided to quickly resolve the often-tedious task of selecting a band name by taking on the identity of the outfit that Marc had already established over a number of years, “Catch 22”.

It feels fresh and invigorating, and I’m really enjoying the ability to concentrating more on my role as a guitarist.   I’ll still be doing a few lead vocals each night, and will continue to perform some of my signature favorites such as SRV, but the bulk of material will be a great mixture of dance rock, from classic to current.   It certainly seems to be the type of “diversion” I’ve been looking for.   Hope you can come check it out, Saturday, February 4, 2017 at Leon's in Howland, OH.

March 28, 2016

I was pleased to debut at the California Palms Hotel & Suites right off of route 80 in Austintown this passed Friday (March 25).  For those not yet familiar, this is one of the newest & most happening places in the greater Youngstown area.  It’s like a tropical-style getaway resort that also includes a huge bar/lounge & restaurant area with entertainment practically every night of the week.  On weekend nights they showcase an act like myself from 6 to 9 PM, and then a pair of bands running simultaneously in two adjacent rooms that you can float between.  The place is also tripped-out with an incredible array of party lighting, video screens, and other interesting decor (like lots of various guitars on display).  The combination of entertainment and atmosphere has quickly made this place a real attraction for the nightlife crowd.  I’ve also personally experienced some great food, great drink prices, and fine & friendly service.  I’m going to be doing a whole slew of the Friday 6-to-9 slots in the coming months, so please check my schedule and come on out.

February 4, 2016

The main news here is that there’s been a major facelift to the site, which was long overdue.  The graphic design and virtually all of the content has been modified, but what’s also significant is what’s been omitted.

When I first posted this web site, I also ran a business doing video production work, mostly for the industrial sector.  Initially, my video service was represented here along side my music interests, but the market dramatically changed over the years, and I have since discontinued operating that venture.  With that being the case, I’ve been meaning to remove information pertaining to my former video business from the site for some time.

So why the delay?  Over the years, my site had admittedly morphed into a garbled, unmanageable disaster (from an authoring standpoint).  Breaking it down and starting from scratch was the only option.  Plus, I’ve wanted to give it a fresh new look and just recently came up with a new graphic concept that I was pleased with.  So over the past few weeks I finally knuckled down and implemented the redesign.  Voila!

I’ve got a new positive and ambitious agenda in the works (including the release of some original music), and the site’s update is a contributing step in that direction.  Thanks for reading and for your interest & support.  Hope to see you out there soon.


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