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Jim's show is a guitar & vocals one-man-band style performance featuring a very diverse collection of pop music.  The selection of songs is directly influenced by his unique, earthy vocal that leans heavily towards the baritone range. While having a warm melodic side (e.g. James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot), his voice also has grit & resonance that lends itself to artists like Johnny Cash and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  And although he emulates these artists well, Jim is also known for putting his own unique “spin” on the music.

The show always features three guitars: A traditional acoustic, a Stratocaster electric, and a mini “headless” electric that generates a lot of curious attention.  Using the various guitars is another ingredient that adds interesting diversity to the performance.  With guitar being his primary passion, Jim presents a collection of music that’s not only popular & accessible, but that also allows him to showcase his craft.  Self-produced backing tracks allow him to customize the accompaniment, in most cases leaving it very sparse with lots of room for live playing.  The objective is to always compliment the audible/sonic focus with something live & visual, and today’s aware audiences have shown great appreciation for his six-string skills.

Typically starting with acoustic lite-rock, the show evolves through many mood and energy level changes.  With a lot of material to choose from, Jim can easily adapt to the atmosphere.  It can stay cool, light, & comfortable or shift into hot, lively, & danceable at a moment's notice.  Audiences today seem to share in his enthusiasm for a wide pallet of musical genres, and although the show is eclectic & artistic, it’s still all about feel-good music.

Jim brings the music out front and often (w/ wireless guitar) into the crowd, and has an innate ability to connect.  Calling himself “nothing short of a hotdog, hambone, court jester", he’s known for consistently putting on an energetic, fun, & uniquely entertaining show.  Jim currently performs at clubs, wineries, private parties, and special events in NE Ohio and Western PA.

"The music comes from many eras of popular music, and the mixture of styles & instruments keeps things interesting.  There really is something for everyone.  I also insert my own originals into the show and have been getting a resoundingly positive response on those songs.  Find out more about the songs and styles on the Audio, Song-List, & Video pages".

"My little 'headless' design guitars get a lot of curious attention, often mistaken for some kind of prop or Guitar Hero controller.  But believe me, they're real musical instruments that are versatile, great sounding, and fun to play.  You can see and read more about these guitars on the Shop Talk page".    - JG

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