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Acoustic Oldies Medley : Ain't Misbehavin' / Big Bad Billy (3:08)
If You Could Read My Mind : A Crowd Favorite Love Song by Gordon Lightfoot (1:19)
James Taylor : Don't Let Me Be Lonely / Carolina / Fire & Rain (1:33)
Buffett Medley: Fins, Changes In Lat., Grapefruit, Boat Drinks, Margarit., Volcano (3:49)
Peaceful Easy Feeling : Eagles Classic (1:43)
Sultons Of Swing : Dire Straits (2:32)
Mary Had A Little Lamb : Stevie Ray Vaughan (2:09)
Cold Shot / Pride & Joy : Stevie Ray Vaughan (4:42)
Johnny Cash Medley : Folsom Prison Blues / Ring Of Fire (2:18)
Beer For My Horses : Little Bit Of Country (1:31)
Elvis Medley : Little Siste / All Shook Up (2:30)
Blue Wind : My Full Length Rendition of the Jeff Beck Classic (6:31)


Get On With It : Acoustic Pop Number;   Anti-Procrastination Song (3:41)
Secret Recipe : Spicy Texas Flavored Boogie Rock'n'Roll (3:41)
Do You Think You Know Me? : Statement Song...Fun Guitar For Me!!! (3:33)


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