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"Itís impossible to nail down a specific style or genre to characterize my music.  Whether itís cover-tunes or my original songs, there are many influences in the mix.  I simply look for music that feels right for me.  I also adapt songs & arrangements that put my guitar in the spotlight.  Plus, Iím known for putting it all out there in a lively, often-animated performance that audiences never fail to find entertaining."     - JG.


SPECIAL NOTE:   Apologies to anyone expecting to see me at Cricket's in Struthers, OH on any one of a number of dates recently listed on my schedule.   Since the beginning of July (2017), theyíve cancelled 5 out of 8 timesÖmore than once on the day of the gig.   While a variety of reasons have been given, I just canít work with that kind of consistent, repeating uncertainty.   Iíve enjoyed some great and well received outings on their patio, but itís not good business from my POV and Iíve decided not to pursue or accept any other engagementís from the bar.   C'est la vie.   Welcome to my world, indeed (ha!).   Thank You.


VIDEO:   The Jim Golen Trio performing some SRV at the Cancer Benefit for Madam Weez at Up A Creek (9-3-17) - Tap the play button and turn up the volume in the lower right corner.

This performance features my good friends & musicians Dave Augustine on bass and Jimmy Taylor on drums.   It was a good day all around with tons of talented & entertaining musicians, including a few excellent step-in performances by the benefactor, Louise Damstoft-Hathaway.   Kudos to her strength & resilience, and wishing her all the blessings possible.   Our thoughts & prayers are with you, Weezy.


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