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"Itís impossible to nail down a specific style or genre to characterize my music.  Whether itís cover-tunes or my original songs, there are many influences in the mix.  I simply look for music that feels right for me.  I also adapt songs & arrangements that put my guitar in the spotlight.  Plus, Iím known for putting it all out there in a lively, often-animated performance that audiences never fail to find entertaining."     - JG.


Recent News - December 5, 2017

Iíve been flying low on the radar recently, and while I do usually enjoy a subdued performance schedule this time of year, thereís been a medical issue thatís had me lay back even moreÖactually caused me to cancel some recent gigs.   It started as a series of severe heartburn episodes that I assumed were triggered by an NSAID drug that I started taking in the summer for arthritis.   I dropped the drug and curbed my diet habits, and it went away, but then came back a month later with a vengeance.   I recently had an ultrasound to rule out any problem with the gallbladder a/o liver, and it seems everythingís OK with that.

While I have no doubt that what Iíve experienced is at least in-part stomach acid related, the search for answers led to an EKG that ended up showing some abnormalities (had one 4 months ago that was perfect).   The cardio doctor is concerned enough about what he sees that he strongly recommends a heart catherization, which Iím having done tomorrow morning (Wed. 12/6).   Iím pretty confident this is all simply a roadblock that will get resolved, and just part of a greater theme that Iíve been feeling about a number of things (including my act)Öa bit stagnant & burned out.   I really need to take this opportunity to regroup, refresh, reinvent, and make a few important lifestyle changes as well.  

I thank my wife Lynn for all her love and supportÖall my love in return.   And thanks to all who support & enjoy my music, and for your friendship & concern.   Godís blessing & my greatest appreciation to you all.   Hey, Iíll be OKÖcause ďIíve Got a RockíníRoll HeartĒ.

Rock'n'Roll Heart Update - December 8, 2017

Had my heart cath Wed. (12/6) and had two stents put in.   I was told I had severe blockage that could have easily resulted in tragedy, so will consider myself lucky. I will be laying low over the holidays, but the prognosis is all good and I plan on getting back out as soon as I feel up to it after the 1st of the year.   Thanks to everyone for their concerns, prayers, & well-wishes.   You have my deepest appreciation & gratitude.   Thanks Again!.


VIDEO:   Segment of "I've Got Rock'N'Roll Heart" performed at Mastropietro Winery.
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