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"Itís impossible to nail down a specific style or genre to characterize my music.  Whether itís my solo cover-tunes or my original songs, there are many influences in the mix.  I simply look for music that feels right for me.  I also adapt songs & arrangements that put my guitar in the spotlight.  Plus, Iím known for putting it all out there in a lively, often-animated performance that audiences never fail to find entertaining."

"If youíre unfamiliar with my act, I hope this site gives you a reason to come see my live show.  If youíve already been on-board, I appreciate you checking in.  Thanks."     - JG.


SPECIAL NOTE:   My previously scheduled appearance at Sharon-James Winery in Newbery, OH for Friday, July 14th is cancelled.   This summer has already had quite a fair amount of wash-outs, cancellations, and schedule shuffling. Apologies to any inconvenienced a/o dissapointed fans.   Thank You.


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